At Global Language Center, you are a name and not a number; our services are uniquely crafted with you in mind. Our services are tailored to not just help you learn but to also inspire you to be the change the world needs! Join us and together, let’s make the difference.

English Prep Courses

Our skilled staff are seasoned, well trained and use advanced teaching techniques to train our students on their English communication skills. We offer multiple English Prep services:

  • General English Program (Regular / Intensive)
  • Academic / Vacation / Business English Program
  • Professional / Executive English Program.
  • One on One English Program.
  • Online English Program.

International exam preparation

We provide the pedagogic assistance needed to facilitate your preparation for international exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GMAT, GRE.

Our trained staff puts you first. GLC Cameroon works hard to deliver the best study material for your exam. 


Kids Pronunciation, Arts and Culture

At GLC, we believe that your kids are the future. That’s why we invest heavily in developing the potential we see in every child.

We provide easy and fun lessons on pronunciation and arts to open the minds of our little ones. We are most committed to preparing our children’s mindsets for great success in life.

Translation services

We have translation experts who offer a range of translation solutions.

  • General Translation: English to French, French to English, Correspondence or Personal notes
  •  Academic Translation: Articles, Dissertations, Research papers, and Technical guides
  • Business Translation: Cover letters, Corporate documents
  • Literary Translation: Books, Essay collections, Other literary works
  • Certified Translation: Official documents for traveling and immigration
  • Medical Translation: Hospitals, Clinics, Healthcare, Institutions
  • Legal Translation: Contracts, Patterns, Affidavits and Other legal documents

education advisor

Our education Advisor helps students explore different majors, discuss their career paths. Choosing a career path can be very challenging. At GLC, we believe that all students deserve proper career orientation. This is our own way of investing in the future of Cameroon.